Welcome to False Creek Tennis Club!

The False Creek Tennis Club is a recreational tennis club in Vancouver, for adult tennis players of level 3.0 and above. Outdoor play runs from April to September each year, with organized doubles games Sunday mornings and Wednesday and Friday evenings. In addition, various tennis tournaments and social activities are held throughout the year. Check out the events calendar for a complete schedule and event information.

The False Creek Tennis Club is affiliated with the False Creek Community Centre, and uses the tennis courts at the False Creek Community Centre on Granville Island and on top of the Parkade at 600 Moberly Road. New members are welcome! See the membership info page for details about becoming a member of the club.

2017 Registration

Registration for the 2017 season will begin on Monday, February 20, 2017 for returning members, and on Monday, March 6, 2017 for new members. Registration will be online, with payment of the registration fee by Paypal. Please check back on the registration date to sign up.

Please ensure that you meet the Club's membership requirements.

If you are a new member this year, you will need to attend an assessment sometime in April (dates, times and location to be confirmed), to ensure you meet the 3.0 minimum level of play. A member of the Club Executive will be in touch in order to set up the assessments.

Previous members: Pre-registration is now open for those who were club members last year. Please click here to register.