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To False Creek Tennis Club members:

February 22, 2021

Registration has opened and we already have 26 people signed up. We are all hoping that the current covid restrictions (which DO allow us to play outdoor recreational doubles) will hold for the summer. This year, we have a reduced membership fee for our returning 2020  members - sign up soon as this reduced fee is only valid until March 7.

February 10, 2021

Registration for the 2021 season will start Monday February 22. As always, registration will open only for returning members (people who played last season) for two weeks, then will open March 8 for all others. 

February 5, 2021

Just wanted to reassure everyone that we have checked with Tennis BC and Vancouver Park Board about Club doubles play. Tennis BC is in constant contact with the Public Health Office and provides the most current interpretation of the PHO orders. Tennis BC and Vancouver Park Board have both confirmed that outdoor recreational doubles play is acceptable.

January 24, 2021

Happy  new year! We have booked our courts through the Parks Board and are planning to start registration on February 22nd - the first two weeks are reserved for members who played with us in 2020 as they will get a reduced rate. Then registration for all others will open on March 8th.

The reduced rate will be in effect only until March 8th. If our season is cancelled due to covid etc, then we will refund your membership fee in full if the season has  not started, or make some other adjustment if we have already started the season.

At this time, Parks Board has scheduled us to play at the Moberly St courts ("Parkade") on Wednesdays and Fridays, with Sunday play at our usual Granville Island ("Sutcliffe Park") courts.

We are staying in close contact with Parks Board and Tennis BC, to ensure that we are able to resume our recreational doubles play safely. We are hoping to have some special events for our 2020 members if doubles play resumes before our official season. 


Dec. 19 update from Tennis BC - 

Sport has been moved back into Phase 2, with some extra checks and protocols now in place. The following are the key changes as we interpret them:

1. There is now a 3-metre physical distancing regulation rather the 2-metre.

2. There are now major differences between what is allowed for adults (19+) versus juniors.

3. For adults, 2 is the magic number. No more than 2 are allowed on the court at any time (excluding the coach). You are now allowed only private or semi-private lessons – no group lessons.

4. For juniors, you are allowed a maximum of 4 players playing on a court (plus the coach).

5. No doubles play is allowed at this time.

6. Masks are to be worn by all personnel, including coaches unless physically playing.

7. A reminder for all clubs to be diligent and collect full name, phone number or email of everyone entering their facility in case it is ever needed for contact tracing.

8. No events are to be run at this time.

NOTE: DEC. 18 - The current Public Health Order mandates that adults must maintain a distance of 3 meters. If you cannot maintain this distance, then you should not be playing. It is hoped that we will see this relaxed after January 8 but, in the meantime, Public Health suggests that adults 'take a break' from sport until the new year.


November, 2020 - Check on the first ever Winter House League that we've set up for current members only. There can be no group bookings at UBC or at the Richmond Hub this Fall, so until things open up maybe you want to try this FCTC House League. You will be partnered up, and assigned one match per month to play at a time and location that you and your opponents agree to. Log in to the site and click on the Members tab.

By the way, the Parkade is now open -- well, it was for a few days, hoping it is now a regular practice to unlock the doors every morning. However the courts are in horrible shape ... we will work with the Community Association and Parks Board to see what the plan is to clean them up.


Stay safe, everyone!

Your Tennis Executive (Ray, Dom, Amy, Karen, Cheryl)

False Creek Tennis Club

Located close to downtown Vancouver, the False Creek Tennis Club is a recreational tennis club for adult tennis players of level 3.0 and above. Almost all Club play is doubles, with a singles ladder also available for non-club times.

Outdoor play runs from mid-April until late-September each year, with drop-in doubles games Sunday mornings and Wednesday and Friday evenings. In addition, various tennis tournaments and social activities are held throughout the year. Check out the events calendar for a complete schedule and event information. (Note -during COVID restrictions there will be no special events.)

The False Creek Tennis Club is affiliated with the False Creek Community Centre, and rents the tennis courts at the False Creek Community Centre on Granville Island (Sunday mornings) and on top of the Parkade at 600 Moberly Road (Wednesday and Friday evenings). 

New members are welcome; see the membership info page for details about becoming a member of the club.

2021 Registration DATES

Registration for the 2021 season will open March 8th.  Registration takes place online, using the "MEMBERSHIP" tab above. 

New members will be asked to take part in an assessment to ensure their level is appropriate for club play.

***All members must agree to the Waiver 2021 ***



when open, click on Membership tab above


The Moberly Parkade tennis courts reopened in October 2020. So far, they are very dirty, though we have made a request that they be cleaned -- you can call 3-1-1 as well if you find the courts too dirty to use. Parks Board staff confirmed on Feb 22 that they have put in a work-order to clean the courts in March sometime. Parks Board has scheduled our Wednesday and Friday play for 2021 to be at the Parkade courts; we will need to all work together to ensure appropriate social distancing while waiting to go on the courts.  

Donate to Community Youth Tennis Foundation in memory of Wayne Lind

Most young players develop their passion for the game on public tennis courts in the community, learning the game in a fun, social setting. This fund supports the development of youth tennis at the community and neighbourhood level providing youth opportunities to participate in and enjoy tennis programs. Tennis BC has programs that donate rackets, balls and learn to play equipment to help keep kids healthy, active and playing for life. Contributions made to this fund are eligible for tax receipts.

St Paul's Foundation

Donate in Memory of Wayne Lind to the St Paul's Foundation

K8 Strings

K8 Strings is a racquet restringing store at 1683 Renfrew. No racquets are sold just accessories such as balls and grips. Pickleball paddles and accessories are sold.



march 2020 - Another longtime founding member has left us. Gerry Halpern was a very social person, with great stories and a welcoming smile for everyone. He was a leader of our club, and worked hard to get door prizes and to keep the fun in tennis. RIP Gerry.

February 2019 - With sadness, we learned of the passing of our longtime member Alex McKay. Alex was one of the founding members of our club, and was a talented player. He served as President, as BBQ Chef and as Social Convenor for many decades. RIP Alex. A Celebration of Life was held June 2.

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